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What are custom product options?
What are custom product options?

Everything you need to know about custom product options.

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Once you've pinged around the site and started to get the hang of our product layout, you'll start seeing that the majority of products are built using the same layouts. Videos & Photos both have the same structure, but just deliver a different product. Custom Videos, Photosets, & Video Chats do the same thing as well. They all have the same basic bones as a Video product, but have one major difference, the Product Options switch is On.

When the Product Options is On, the normal price & sale price are disabled and the Add option button is engaged. Clicking on that button allows you to either make this a Custom Video or Photoset.

Selecting either will pre-populate the product with either Time for Video or Amount for Photo count. Both options are completely customizable by typing in the option value.

Both Video & Photo Customs allow extras for the customer to really make the product exactly what their heart desires. The Extras, just like Duration & Amount, are completely customizable.

All of the options come pre-populated with time and extras, but feel free to add & delete, go crazy, and don't forget to change your pricing.

Once a fan purchases a custom from you, you can message directly in the order to make sure they have delivered the script if it's a video, or given any last-minute instructions.

Once you've shot the Custom, upload the content directly in the order and mark the order fulfilled so you can get paid.

P.S. we hold on to all payments for customs until the content has been delivered and the order is marked as fulfilled to protect everyone.

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