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What kind of products can I sell?
What kind of products can I sell?

Just about anything (as long as it's legal)

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Here's a list of all the products you can sell on Foxy. We know your going to get creative so we left some of the items open to your creativity. Like social subscriptions. You can sell access to your Private Snapchat or to your Dropbox. Everything we offer works on Mobile so posting on the go is super easy.

Videos: Pre-recorded video's that is ready to stream, download or both. Customers can download the original file and compressed HD & Mobile MP4.

Photosets: Photoset's that are downloadable & also viewable on the site.

Custom Videos: Made to order custom video's that are delivered directly through our site. Message directly with the customer in the product about exactly what they want. Mark fulfilled once you deliver.  

Custom Photoset: Made to order custom photoset orders. Mark fulfilled once you deliver.

Video Chat: On time pre-purchased LIVE 1-to-1 live video chat for a pre determined time. Access room directly from your open orders and mark fulfilled once you deliver.

Social or Monthly Subscription: Sell VIP memberships, Snapchat access or acess to similar products, even your dropbox if you want. We tell you who to add & delete from your orders section and also let you download complete subscribers lists.

Tip: Let customers spoil you on your page, on any item in your Feed and after Video Chats.

Subscription Feed: Anyone can see free posts on your Feed. Subscribers to your feed get to see any text, photo or video not Locked in your feed. Up sell premium Locked content in your feed by marking them Locked and charging an additional fee.

Pay-Per-Chat: Message for Free or Pay per message with your fans (every message sent and received). Change your prices on the fly for sexting and send Locked photos and videos at customizable prices.

Other: Sell anything else you want (as long as its legal). If its a hard good, like a personalized photo, make sure and hit the shipping box on your product and click yes so the customer is re directed to enter their information during check out. Make sure to include shipping in your prices.

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