A URL slug is the exact web address of a specific product or post on your site (a.k.a the link that you copy and paste into your browser to go to the page).

Foxy automatically assigns a URL slug for each new product or post based on its title. For example, if you add a post titled "Holiday Photos," its automatic URL slug is https://foxy.co/your-name/holiday-photos . You can manually change it, but keep the below guidelines in mind.

Using short, memorable URLs makes it easier for visitors to find and share your content.


  • URL slugs must be between 3 and 40 characters.

  • URL slugs can't include special characters other than dashes.

  • URL slugs for live products/posts must be unique. You can't use the same slug for two posts.

  • Traffic won't automatically redirect to a new URL if you change it. Navigating to the old URL will display a "404 Page Not Found" error.

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