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How using Foxy simplifies your time
How using Foxy simplifies your time

Drop the link and stop haggling.

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There are a few things Foxy offers that have been game-changers to Creators using other platforms like Onlyfans & Patreon. Here's one of our model's guides to getting down with Foxy and how she simplified her life on other platforms.

When you only have one locked feed to promote, not only does it feel spammy on social media, but we all know how the links look. Foxys spent a lot of time on making sure the links you share look as good as your content does. Any product you share as a link from your store is going to promote YOU in a beautiful way, not Foxy.

That being said, here's 3 ways to keep the conversations alive without the haggling and really increase your unlocks.

  1. After you've created your Custom Video & Video Chat products on Foxy, I copy those links to a note so I can easily access them on your phone. Any time a fan wants a Custom Video or some Live time, I just drop my link and take the back and forth out of my chats with a simple link drop. Saving me time and really simplifying the back and forth.

  2. I've really been able to simplify my chatting experience with the Pay Per Chat. Aren't you sick of having to ask for a tip for your time to chat only to be ghosted? Talk about a boner killer for my fans as well. With one simple click, I can change my messaging price on the fly. My fans only have to agree to the price change once. No more clock watching while I message for 30 minutes. I make my time work for me. From Free chat to as little as $0.20 if it's just day to day stuff, up to $10 for every message sent and received for sexting. It’s really a game changer for me.

  3. I drop my Premium content links right on Twitter and share individual products that look terrific right from my phone. Super easy way to boost my sales on slow days.

  4. I set up Twitter promotions and control how and when I broadcast sales from my store directly from Foxy. My sales have increased over 20% since turning this feature on, helping me reinforce my brand and sales when I'm sleeping. I'm also able to control the messages sent out to my fans and how often (from never on some of my products to every sale on others).

There's tons of ways to keep your fans engaged on and off Foxy. It's a big digital world out there and we want to help make your life as easy as possible. We can't wait to see what you create. Let us know if there's something we’re missing or a way we can improve your experience. Message us at stay Foxy!

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