There are a few really awesome features that make our Feed stand out. Here just a few of the ways we're trying to simplify your life and time spent on Foxy:

One Feed to Rule Them All

On Foxy, creators can use one Feed to do it all. Instead of having to run multiple accounts—one Free account for Promotions, SFS & Link Drops, another mid-priced & your Premium account for super Fans—you choose how the content is delivered. Free to everyone, Subscribers only, or Locked PPV content only your Subscribers can unlock. This "One Feed to Rule Them All" approach is what sets us apart.

No Size Restrictions (For All You Size Queens)

With no restrictions on file sizes in the feed, you can keep your chat light and fast without needing to direct your fans elsewhere. This maximizes your earning potential and keeps chat like a conversation while delivering the ultimate content experience for fans.

Foxy Stats

From the outside, you'll notice a photo & video count that is automatically updated as you update your feed. This keeps fans in the loop of what to expect on your feed and lets them know just what's waiting for them inside your feed if they subscribe.

Auto-Renew Subscriptions

Another key difference from some of our competitors is that EVERY subscription on Foxy is on auto-renew. I mean, that is what a subscription is, right? No need to worry if your fans are on auto-renew, with Foxy's feed they always are. If your fans do cancel, they have access to your feed until their subscription renewal date. Any Locked content they purchased in the feed is available to them in their orders section of the dashboard, which saves us all the dreaded chargebacks when they no longer have access to your Feed.

Pinned Posts

Pin any of your feed posts to the top of your page easily by clicking the button at the bottom of any feed post.

Tipped Posts

You can receive tips on any of your Feed posts from $2 up.

Always Listening & Creating New Features

There's tons of ways to keep your fans engaged using Foxy. We can't wait to see what you create. Let us know if there's something we're missing or a way we can improve your experience. Message us at

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