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Download the Foxy app shortcut
Download the Foxy app shortcut

How to save Foxy just link an app on your phone. Plus it's cute.

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Hey all, we’re going to show you how to save Foxy as an App-like shortcut button on your iPhone.

1st thing to do is head over to or any specific page you want to save as your shortcut button on your phone.

Hit the share icon on your browser (it looks like this)

Click Add to Home Screen.

Last, customize what you want the Shortcut to be called. We recommend “Foxy” to keep it simple.

Our fun App Shortcut will download immediately to your home screen. From here on out, when you want to visit Foxy, just click on that button and your browser will open and automatically directly to that page.

*Unfortunately Android & Apple Chrome users aren't in luck (I know, that's the browser that Foxy works best on). Wish Apple was a little nicer to us.

If anyones figured out a hack for that, PLEASE let us know: 

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