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How to send media with our pay-per-chat.

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You're able to start a pay-per-message chat with anyone that has purchased an item from your store. So if they haven't yet, push them over to one of your products you think they'll love or just tell them to tip you.

To start a new conversation, head over to the search bar and start typing the fan's username. Select them from the drop-down menu and start chatting.

Or to send a message to all your fans, click on the Send All button next to the search field.

That will bring up a message box. Compose whatever message you want to send, including a photo or video and send it.

Your fan has 24 hours to accept your chat request before the invitation expires. They have to accept in order to start chatting with you. This keeps their inbox clean and allows you to reach out again without feeling too spammy.

Messages will be sent at your Chat Default Message Price which is set in your Account section of the dashboard. All messages will be sent at that price until you change the amount. The below examples price is $3 for every message sent and received.

Once you start a conversation you'll notice a few things in the window. On the left you'll notice your Fans Avatar & name. Under that you'll see the price per message sent and received. Right now it's set to $3. By clicking on the price under your fan's avatar you can change the price per message at any time. 

This brings up a window for you to enter your new chat price. Enter your new amount and save.

Both you and your fan will get a confirmation price change in the chat window.

You'll notice next to the chat price a Card Verified (green) or Card Declined (red) button. This alerts you that the fan you are chatting with has a verified credit card on file. Finally, in the bottom right corner, you will notice a running total of the amount billed with this fan.

Moving down the chat window you'll see a chat input box at the bottom. This is also where you can select photos & videos to send in the chat. Simply click on the media icon on the left and select what image or video you want to send. 

Once your media is finished uploading you will get the media window where you can add a personalized message and set the price. Make sure to change the default price from $0 to whatever you want to charge.

This item will show up as locked to your fan. To view the locked content, they must agree to the purchase price. Once the media is unlocked you will notice your total adjusted to the new sale price.

Happy creating.

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