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Understand custom videos, options & pricing
Understand custom videos, options & pricing

Unlimited options mean unlimited sales.

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Selling custom videos is a great way to give your fans a one of a kind product made just for them. It gives them the chance to take the director’s seat and collaborate with their favorite artist, you. 

OK, let's get to it! The body of the product should look pretty familiar to you. It uses the same set up we have for all of the products in your store. You have the Title and Description where you fill them in on exactly what to expect. Maybe you’re doing something special for your fans, a one of a kind video in a cool location. Whatever it is, we can only imagine they'll be thrilled knowing it was created by you.

Next, you have Media Format where you can specify either Video or Photoset. Then you can tag your product so it shows up when people search Foxy. URL Slug lets you customize the exact URL your product lives on. If you have any questions about what those are, make sure and click on the ? next to the titles for a quick explanation. We have those all over the site to help you along. Next, you're able to upload a couple of tease images to help your fans visualize what they're getting.

Moving down the page, we're into the Pricing & Options section. This is where things get fun. If you’re looking at the Custom product we already created for you, you’ll see a bunch of pre-populated times and extras. It's SUPER important for this product that you leave the main price blank. Since you have multiple price options for times (duration in this example) the price is set individually for each time (Option Values). Feel free to add or delete items as wanted. To add a time or option, type it in followed by a comma and it will be added to the section below. Just make sure to update the price next to the Option value because the default price is always $0. When you X out an item or delete it, there’s nothing else you need to do but publish your product.

For a Custom product, you always want Product Options to be On. If you switch if to off, it's no longer a product with custom options.

The next section we have is the Option Name which acts as a label. What do you want to call this option? Examples are Size, Color, Duration, Extras. If you rename Duration to Time you notice it changes the option name. Pretty simple, but an awesome way to stay organized. Maybe you have 4 different kinds of toys and you want to charge a different price for each. That might be a third section you add specifically for toys, it's really up to you.

There are a few extras under each option that give you more control of each and how fans can interact with them. If you select, “fans must choose value,” then your fans absolutely have to choose a value in some areas, like duration. How would someone order a Custom Video without choosing how long they want it to be? Clicking the other option, Fans can choose more than one value, which allows customers to add more than one option to the cart—like an outfit and a toy. This is where custom videos are really fun for your fans and allow them to get exactly what they want and allows you to make that extra $$$.

If you decide to add something to the extras section like a Custom Outfit, you should see a new Option Value at the bottom of the section with no price. Make sure to fill that in with whatever you want to charge for that option. Every option defaults at $0, so don’t forget. This will be listed on your product as an option to your customers along with the time & prices you’ve set.

Your creativity’s the limit with Custom Products! What special extra can you add to make this product one of a kind? Make sure to customize your prices for your video time and Happy Creating!

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