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How to link your Twitter and set up your promo
How to link your Twitter and set up your promo

Set up your sale shout outs.

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Do you have an engaged Twitter following but don't have time to tell them about every awesome product you’re selling? Welcome to your new best friend, our automated Twitter promotions. When you're logged into your site, head over to the Site section and down to Twitter Promotions.

After linking your Twitter account to Foxy (the section right above Twitter Promotions), click on Configure Promotions. Once you're in, take a look at each product listed on the left. From the drop-down, choose what frequency you want Foxy to promote your sales to your followers.

** Pro Tip - There are 3 placeholders we use to define the sales count, product title and link to that specific product sold. Customize your Message including these to make your message more interactive.

Example Text - OMG! this is my {nth} {product} sold! Check it out here {link}

Here’s what it looks like on Twitter after a sale:

After that, write your personal message you want delivered to your followers and hit save.

Based on your choices, we’ll automatically publish your sales messages through Twitter. This helps drive traffic and sales to your store. Especially for fans that are on the other side of the world.

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