We're pretty sure you know what these settings mean, but just in case, here's how we look at things ;D

Public: Your site shows up everywhere. The Foxy Home page, Model & Video Directories, and it’s searchable in our entire database. This is how you get the most from your site and make the most money from what Foxy has to offer!

Private: We understand that some people might want a Foxy site, but for some reason or another, don't want to be listed in the Model & Video Directories. Don't worry, we don't take it personally. Maybe you love our style but aren't in the adult industry. By setting your site to Private, it will only be visible to those who have your direct URL. Make money your way, BB!

Hidden: Still working on your site? No worries! Keep it hidden for now and perfect your ninja moves. This is also how your store appears when you haven't confirmed your email or identity and your site isn't live.

If you have any questions, just reach out to support@foxy.co and we'll help you. Happy Creating!

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